You Can't Cheat Growth

There you are, hunched over in Plato’s cave grabbing at the shackles that once bound your hands and feet. You know what the world looks like. You can envision the warmth of the sun on your face and the breeze on your neck. You have the incredible ability to be as free as you can imagine, and this is what you choose?

Think for yourself, for once

Somebody else’s goals you just read on Twitter twenty minutes ago, endeavors you won’t embark on, and projects left undone is what your support group is supposed to believe in? Your tongue is telling a lot of lies, and those taste like Hennessy, so you must be struggling. Is your throat burning? Maybe it goes down like water. It’s okay to put the brown down and pick up a Deer Park instead, you know. Your friends grown and tired, and not worried about don’t have to perform for anybody. Bring them something tangible to work with. Something you actually enjoy. Please.

Nobody can do it for you

Yes, the journey can be helpful when a team is by your side, but discipline is yours to own. The execution is yours to navigate. Asking for more of anyone than you’d do for yourself is a violation against you and them. To sacrifice someone else’s wellness for no reason besides superficial self preservation, would eventually lead to any person’s downfall. What makes you so different? 

But also, you might need professional help (yikes)

Your shenanigans might be signs of something more serious, and your circle can only do so much without a Ph.D., toots. Hopefully your insurance covers it *cries in lack of socialism*.

Accept the terms and conditions of what you’re asking for 

As soon as you get a vision of what you want to be, the universe will give you a lot of obvious opportunities to succeed or fail. So, if you feel like you’re being tested, BINGO that’s because it is a test! 

Lying to yourself is a failed test. Living in denial is a failed test. Complacency, gaslighting, and omission of truth are too. Tact, transparency, and correcting yourself for others to see is all you need to reach the next level. It’s never too late, even if you disappoint somebody, make it count. People in your life WILL DROP LIKE FLIES. Don’t take it personally or let that discourage you; go back for them later if they’re worth it. 

Your quality of life will get comically worse the longer you know know better, but don’t do better. It’s so much more freeing to claim the truth with gusto and a lot more respectable in the long run, too. I always broadcast my failures so that nobody can use them as weapons against me. Yes, it is often embarrassing, but at least it’s tactical. At least I own it. At least I’m in control of me. But, if you’re not ready, I guess hiding out in the allegorical cave works too.

For the record, Ron is my favorite character from ADW but he was a whole goofy and so his pics got used this time, bless his heart.  

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