Top 10 Things to Expect in the Last Year of Undergrad

Dear Senior Class,

I remember you coming to the university, backstabbing each other, getting caught having sex in public spaces, and just generally having no sense as a whole. The worst of y'all have transferred, dropped out, or calmed down, so the ones who survived have all of my love and respect. I've always liked your class; my first littles and some of my closest friends are due to come out in 2019. So, in honor of your rapidly approaching last "First Day of School", here's a little wisdom from me to you on what to expect in the last year of undergrad.

10. You’ll officially be a student of Hampton “Y’all Tryna Go to Happy Hour?” University. 

You thought it was bad already? Now that (almost) everyone is 21, get ready to celebrate every. single. insignificant activity in your life at happy hour, family dinners, wine nights, etc. Bored? You’re gonna drink. Stressed? Pass the bottle. Parties? Will there be liq? 

9. On a serious note, you’ll realize that a lot of your peers really are heavily dependent on alcohol and/or pills and hard drugs...

...and as a result, you might start over-drinking or dabbling too. With all the instability that this year will hold for you, now is not the time to lose yourself! Look out for your friends and take care of your body while you still have one.

8. You’re gonna cry. A lot. 

I am not a crier, but senior year? I kid you not, I cried at least once, every single day, especially second semester. Everything you’ve ever known in your adult life will come crashing down, while other things will start to settle in place. It’s an overwhelming experience and crying is normal.

7. Your secrets will be everywhere. 

“Hell, we’re about to graduate anyway” is how these conversations typically begin. That embarrassing thing you did with that senior freshman year? Exposed. Your classmate’s cocaine addiction? Exposed. The incident from when your best friend was on line that almost got their chapter shut down? Exposed. Why? The real question is, why not? It’s not like y’all are about to see each other all the time after May 12th anyways *side eye*

6. You’re going to pick up and drop more friends.

The faster you finally realize people for the trash 

they are, and admit to yourself that there
are some pretty lit people around outside of your 
friend group, the faster you can have less
drama and make more memories with more great 

5. You’ll pick up at least one more little too.

Getting new littles is like going into Target, you walk in just to see what's going on and leave with something you never intended on buying, but it's the best thing you ever bought and you'll be in love with it forever.

4. Random relationships will pop up out of nowhere...mind your business.

Do they make sense? No. Do they look good together? No. Do they have anything in common? Barely. Even still, let them be fake happy! It's not a topic of conversation, go check Blackboard or something instead.

3. Someone in your friend group will not graduate on time.

It's almost inevitable, so reassure them that just because your close proximity is going to change, doesn't mean that you're not a text or call away.

2. You’ll stop caring what people think, but for real this time.

You are the seniors. You set the pace! If good times and no vibes is what you seek, then live your life the way you want to. It's literally easier done than said, because the excitement of senior year will lift you above the pettiness of earlier years.   

1. Nostalgia will be on 10,000.

COLLECT PICTURES. TAKE VIDEOS. GET OFF CAMPUS AND EXPLORE THE COMMUNITY. Ask any college grad what they remember about undergrad and they'll fire off the highlights of all four years. Don't you wanna be like the oldheads? Isn't that the ultimate ulterior goal? To be young, degreed, living your best post-grad life, and loving your Alma Mater with all of your heart? If you don't wanna send your kids to your university, you didn't live the experience right. Your days are numbered, so make each day count.

I wish each and every single one of you the absolute best of luck on your journey, and y'all know if you need anything I'll always be here for you! 

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