Black Conservatism is Actually a Thing

It's not just the basis of a fictional TV character, Black conservatism is really a real thing, y'all. 

Black people almost unanimously vote for politicians running on the Democrat ticket, regardless of that particular candidate's policies, personal behavior, etc. It's kind of lazy when you think about it, but that's a different post for a different day. The point is Black people vote blue.

On one hand, it makes sense because in theory, a liberal government stimulates the economy from the bottom up, and who's at the bottom? Black people!

On the other hand, aside from financial incentives, Black Americans are wildly conservative. Like, our beliefs as a whole don't match up with the results at the polls. Take a look at the pictures below.

You see, I'm not just pulling facts out of my butt! 40 percent of Black people think abortion should be illegal, even though banning them will over inflate our foster care system, infant mortality rates will skyrocket, people who do not want to be parents will have no choice, so on and so forth...

Wait for it...

Just under half of us disapprove of same-sex marriage, even though Black LGBTQ+ people are the most vulnerable sub-group in our race. Maybe the rates are still so high because some of us foolishly believe homosexuality was created as a disease to infect Black men, thus destroying the Black family? But hey, what do I know.

My own personal beliefs aside, why is it that if you dig to the bottom of deeply polarizing social issues, that can easily be split between party lines, so many Black minds land on the side of the GOP while their ballots do not?

The easiest answer to that is, of course, racism. 

There's this saying that goes "Not all Republicans are racist, but all racists are Republican." Even though it's not a precise statement, it's close enough. If the GOP could find a way to distance themselves from racist behavior and attitudes, Black folks would be in there like swimwear.

I say all of this to say, Black conservatism is one of this nation's best kept secrets. Now that you're hip, don't act surprised when you hear a Black celebrity giving a tone deaf social take, or when 45 hosts a bunch of new age Buppies in the Oval Office. Those Black MAGA kids aren't just a publicity stunt, they're products of their environment and they're not going to go away. 

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