It's Hard to Win Souls for Christ When People Can't See the God in You

As a Christian, our two main goals are to develop our personal relationships with God and to bring people into the house of the Lord.


It's not just because people nowadays are too wicked, or that we're cursed or whatever. I'm convinced that the biggest agents against Christ are the ones who attempt to do the most outreach in His name. They're kind of like mall cops who couldn't make it into the real police force. Extra. Abrasive. Out to prove a point.

Have you ever met someone who was so holier-than-thou that made you go like, "Tell me what church you go to, so I can remember to never ever visit there."

The church has been in decline for GENERATIONS, especially among Black folk; how do you expect them to feel the love of God if you're leading with bigotry and shame? Why should people believe that God will love them if you're hating on God's behalf?

Sometimes I wonder if maybe those kinds of people don't actually want others to be saved. More favor for them, perhaps? Hmm. I hope that's not it, because you do not need to be saved to have the favor of God (see: Judas, who betrayed Jesus, still had favor from God to even be a disciple).

What do people want most of all? 

Love, compassion, and understanding. Telling non-believers and those who have strayed what God has brought you through and where you intend to go (in this life as well as the next), is a lot more effective than threatening them with eternal damnation. ESPECIALLY if they already feel like they're living in Hell on Earth.

Once that part is over, focus on what you can do to make a more righteous life for you.

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