I Mean, I Made It.

Initially I didn't have much good to reflect on for 2018. 

I've been in a haze of tiredness and disillusionment for most of the year, with a couple of bright spots here and there.

365 days of confusion, unrealistic expectations, injuries, and damaged ties tends to do that to a person. Everyone has their rough spots, and while I hope that your year had more highs than lows, sometimes that just really is not the case. 

If you're looking back at my highlights wondering "What is she talking about, she looks great!" Well, I know I make it look good, but I'd rather be cute and entertaining than crusty and boring while in distress. Let's get back on track.

My deepest issues have always come from my own mind and heart, do you feel me? So my saving grace is to put myself back into perspective whenever I get lost. A great quote that I read says:

"Seasons of suffering can be ripe ground for planting new seeds of faith that will grow into deep-rooted trees of faith that will stand firm in the next storm of life that comes your way. God promises that he will never leave you alone in your season of suffering." (Psalm 118:6)

There's a purpose for everything

I may be tired and disillusioned, but I am also accomplished and protected. I made it through college and into my career. I find myself in fewer situations with negative emotional risks. I meditate on my intentions, and they manifest when I put effort behind them. I didn't die. It's not easy, or in some cases appropriate to look on the bright side. Sometimes, it's just...dark. No matter what, it's all preparing me for bigger payoffs. As long as I don't fold on myself, I'll be alright. Don't fold on yourself and you will be, too.

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