Alpha Kappa Alpha: A Radical Solution

On a cold Wednesday in January of 1908, a group of young African American women acted on a revolutionary notion. Only a generation removed from legal slavery, this dynamic group recognized their extreme (relative) privilege as college-educated negro women. Rather than leave the less fortunate behind, they joined forces to commit their lives to a set of common ideals: sisterhood, scholarship, and service to all mankind.

Spotlight: BSmoove is Back For More

BSmoove has been quietly making a name for himself in the top music circles.

Things are starting to feel full circle. 

My first and last (released) interview with Brandon "BSmoove" Monroe took place in 2017Since then, BSmoove and I have graduated from college, and dove head first into our respective careers. Now with huge gains made and more to come on the horizon, it's only right to check in where we left off. As it turns out, his debut single called "Forever" is set for release on January 3rd!