Spotlight: BSmoove is Back For More

BSmoove has been quietly making a name for himself in the top music circles.

Things are starting to feel full circle. 

My first and last (released) interview with Brandon "BSmoove" Monroe took place in 2017Since then, BSmoove and I have graduated from college, and dove head first into our respective careers. Now with huge gains made and more to come on the horizon, it's only right to check in where we left off. As it turns out, his debut single called "Forever" is set for release on January 3rd!

Check out the original interview here.

Catching up

We only spoke for about 20 minutes, but in that amount of time I learned a lot about what this talented brother has been up to. 

The first thing I learned is that BSmoove is an artist's artist. Instead of limiting himself to the artists in his area, he hit the road...literally.

AN: I noticed you've been traveling to make music non-stop!

BSmoove: It's true, I have. I just took my first trip to LA which was totally incredible and surreal, and also very humbling. I got my first major no out there which was...whew. But I'm so thankful anyways because I'm getting into those rooms that you really want to be in. Someone thought enough of me to want me in there, and even though I'm not there yet, they see me. I'm just so blessed to have a solid support system that encourages me to reach my dreams. I work full time, and as soon as I'm done with that, I'm right back to the music.

AN: Using the 9-5 to finance the dream, I see.

BSmoove: [laughs] Exactly, exactly.

Getting to "Forever"

Never too ego-tripped to learn from others or collaborate, everything that he's learned has led up to this point - "Forever" co-written and produced with Miles B., a singer/songwriter/producer out of Buffalo, NY. Vocals on the track are Miles B.'s, and even though I haven't met him, dude's really talented; here, listen for yourself:

Miles B. (@officialmilesb) and BSmoove first linked via social media.

AN: So you were in Virginia, and Miles was in New did you two make this happen?

BSmoove: I owe it all to technology! I initially wrote the song, sent it to Miles to add his own flavor to it, he laid down the vocals, and we just went back and forth like that until it was done. Collaboration can be hard, because as artists, we know exactly how we want our art to sound, or how we want it to make people feel, but it's all about who you're working with. The right team can bring things out of you that you didn't know were there, and that's how it was in making "Forever."

AN: Tell me more about the single! What was your inspiration?

BSmoove: "Forever" is an upbeat pop record with Afrobeats feels, and it's all about finding your forever girl, you know? As far as inspiration, of course I draw my music from my life's experiences. In order to make good art, you have to live and draw from that. This particular song was in the vault, and we were itching to get some new music out there, and "Forever" was the result.

Making major moves 

To my surprise, BSmoove's been quietly writing for some of the hottest names in music like Ty Dolla $ign, and a number of up and coming artists signed to Atlantic Records like IV Jay

AN: I can't believe you! How did I not know about this, congratulations!

BSmoove: Thank you! This has really just been a season of growth. I have this joke with myself where I'm like God made me *this* good, but I'm not automatically the absolute best at everything. I really am a student of the game. A lot of people don't know this, but writing as a non-vocalist is HARD.

AN: Remind me again of everything you do? Write, produce...

BSmoove: I write, produce, mix...

AN: Are you not a good singer, or do you just choose not to sing?

BSmoove: God did not bless me with that talent!

"Forever" drops on January 3, 2020 on all major streaming platforms.

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