Music has always been my first love, and even though I never seriously pursued making my own, my ear is still SHARP, okay? Follow the links below to check out my playlists, and follow me on Apple Music, @AriXAppleMusic!

Across The Pond - Inspired by Naomi Campbell's not-so-successful foray into the record industry, this playlist features just a handful of my British favorites like Corinne Bailey Rae, David Bowie, Chip, and more.

Ari's Urban Hang Suite - Featuring a mix of live and in-studio records, I wanted to create a vibe of incense, red wine, dim lights, and good times.

Colors Series - This playlist was something like an exam for me, how many album covers can I find by different artists that are the same color and flow together well? See the links below for the results!

High Vibrations + Self Reflections - Bright and uptempo, yet comforting, this is a great set to start off the day or to refocus if you find yourself off track.

Interludes, Intermissions, + Other Short Songs - It's not always easy to merge two songs together, whether it be because of literal structure or a drastic change in mood. Interludes' function is as a database for other playlist builders to find what they might need.

Late Nights+Highways+Turn Ups+Lovethangs - Think of this as an elevated "Parked Car Conversations" playlist. I highly recommend listening at night while driving on the freeway with the windows down and volume on full blast. Specific, yes. Worth it? Yes. 

Love On The Brain Series - A simple series of optimistic, dreamy songs about infatuation and love, despite what may be the reality...

Mango Pineapple Smoothie Series - Smooth, seamless transitions for an eclectic blend of sounds are what makes this series special to me. Fun fact: Mango Pineapple Smoothie, Vol. 1 was the first Apple Music playlist I ever created.

Mellifluous - There's beauty all around us if you take the time to look. 

Mimosa Me Baby! - Few feelings compare to a rooftop brunch in the city with your best friends and bottomless mimosas. Feel free to steal this one if you're hosting a gathering at home!

Mind Games - This one's another eclectic mix that I like to play when I'm running errands or cleaning.

Per My Last Email: WFH Mix - Beautiful background noise to jam to while you log 60+ hours of work per week during a global pandemic, because who needs work/life balance at a time like this, right?!

Physical Touch + Quality Time. - The superior love languages! (Yes, they are mine.)

Remixes Better Than Boo'd Up - True remixes are so special, but these days, they're few and far between. Here's a collection of remixed songs better than that one Ella Mai came out with.

The Ultimate 90s R&B Database - Self-explanatory.

The Ultimate R&B Slow Jam Mixtape - Also, self-explanatory.

This Isn't Working Anymore - Is it really better to have loved then lost if you're not really sure you were in love, and they keep coming back?

We Just Be Kickin' It - I'm pretty sure this is my most saved playlist of all time.

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